Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite can become a thing of the past when using special blended massage oil and cellulite massager (special machine) to break the unpleasant looking fat surrounding your buttocks, waist, triceps and biceps. This is a treatment of 6 sessions over 2 weeks

P2072.00 – 60mins/session

Indulgence Slimming Programme

A sixteen session programme specifically designated for slimming purposes. The programme entails slimming pads which are placed in problem areas where body fats have accumulated. The programme is aided by a diet plan and can also be used to for firming and toning muscles and also for cellulite reduction.

30 mins sessions- P900 (covers all 16 sessions)
45 mins sessions- P1250 (covers all 16 sessions)
60 mins sessions- P1600 (covers all 16 sessions)

Slimming and Toning Wrap

This treatment can be used for weight management. A deep tissue massage concentrating on thighs, buttocks and triceps using oils specifically blended to assist the body with fat reduction and toning. The body is wrapped in a sauna blanket to detoxify and reduce bumps, ending with a warm steam bath while listening to soothing music.

P972.00 – 2hrs